COBRA administration

COBRA Administration Services that remove your COBRA responsibilities and liability.

We make outsourcing your COBRA Administration as easy as possible. The only administrative requirement for the employer is to notify Leavex when an employee/dependent experiences a Qualifying Event. From this point on, Leavex manages the administrative duties and assumes full responsibility and liability for the COBRA services we perform on your behalf.

You will have an account manager that is always available for all of your COBRA related questions and requests. The online COBRA reports are designed around your needs and provide up-to-date information on your COBRA participants and their premiums collected. We make sure to keep you informed through every stop of the COBRA Administration process while we take care of the COBRA administration responsibilities. Our experience working with small companies to Fortune 100 corporations will make sure you are provided with a COBRA solution that meets your company's requirements and budget.

COBRA overview

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) was created to give eligible employees with certain Qualifying Events an opportunity to continue their group health benefits for a certain period of time after leaving their employment.

Some events that qualify for COBRA continuation include:

• Voluntary or involuntary employment termination (other than gross misconduct)
• Reduction in work hours

• Voluntary or involuntary employment termination of Employee (other than gross misconduct)
• Reduction of employee's work hours
• Eligible employee becoming entitled to Medicare
• Divorce or legal separation of the eligible employee
• Death of eligible employee

Dependent (same as spouse but also includes the following event)
• Loss of dependent child status

For More COBRA Information

let us do the work

From knowledgeable and friendly account managers to innovative proprietary reporting systems, we make sure you are kept up-to-date through every step of the COBRA Administration process.

Our COBRA Administration services include:

  • Mail Notice of Right To Continue Group Benefits
  • Send Carrier Terminations and Reinstatements
  • Process ACH and Check Payments
  • Account Managers Trained In COBRA Compliance
  • Monthly Premium Reimbursement
  • Customized COBRA Activity Reports
  • Answer Employee COBRA Questions
  • Data Feeds Built Around Client Systems
  • Guaranteed COBRA Compliance

the Leavex advantage

  • End-to-end COBRA Administration
  • Work With Companies of All Sizes
  • 1-to-1 Customer Service
  • Knowledgeable Account Managers
  • Customized COBRA Administration
  • Data Security
  • Proven Processes
  • Innovative Proprietary Technology
  • Guaranteed Compliance

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reports / forms

Online COBRA reporting and forms are built around the needs of our clients. This makes them easier to use and understand while providing the information the client requires to make strategic business decisions.


Easy-to-use activity reports keep you up-to-date on your active and pending COBRA participants.

Monthly payment reports show premiums paid by location, coverage type, and carrier.


Customized COBRA event form is built around your benefits and company information to make entering a COBRA event as quickly and accurately as possible.

get started

It is very easy to begin outsourcing your COBRA Administration with Leavex.

Step 1. Contact us or fill out the request a quote form.

Step 2. An introduction meeting to discuss your company, health plans, notification process, and reporting requirements.

Step 3. Leavex creates online reporting and forms that are specific to the needs of your company at no extra charge.

Step 4. Leavex sends out introduction letters to current COBRA participants.

Step 5. Leavex begins COBRA administration for your company.

Implementation is normally completed within three business days of signing the agreement.

why choose us

easy transition from other cobra providers

We'll handle all of the communications, data requests, and transition timelines. We can even accept COBRA data feeds that you currently have in production with your former administrator at no additional cost.

Account managers trained in COBRA Compliance

Every Leavex COBRA client is provided with a knowledgeable and friendly account manager for all of their COBRA administration questions and requests. Each account manager has been trained in COBRA and will be extremely responsive to you and your COBRA participants.

Experience working with small companies to Fortune 100 corporations

Our flexible proprietary systems and processes combined with excellent account management make it easy to accommodate any sized company's COBRA requirements. Whether you have 30 employees or 300,000 employees, we are able to create an affordable COBRA outsourcing solution that fulfills your needs.